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Dove Landing Kennels, LLC

The goal at Dove Landing is to provide a fun and safe stay for your dog and peace of mind for you.  When making a decision for boarding your best friend, please consider what is offered at this facility!

All dogs are taken out of kennel run and walked or given play time 4-5 times each day.  Early potty time is 6-6:30 am (yes, this is true!) and bedtime is 8-8:30 pm. This way, dogs don't have to "hold it" and kennels stay clean!   There is no extra charge for the early and late breaks.

There is no extra charge to give medication .

Dogs may be dropped off as early as 7 am by appointment, as not all dog owners have an 8 -5 schedule.

Baths are 1/2 the regular price while your dog is boarded.

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