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Aurora Industrial Park

Construction of the long-awaited Aurora Industrial Park is set to begin. Weather permitting, the Park should be completed by year’s end. The Park will be located on NC 33 near the Firehouse.  About half of project funding will underwrite infrastructure development; the remainder will pay for construction of an Aurora Campus of the Beaufort County Community College. Welders, diesel mechanics, pipefitters, and others will be trained there for skilled, high-paying jobs in mining and industry. Courses in general education will be offered to residents of Richland Township. 


Location: 295 Main St., Aurora,NC 27806   Phone: 252-322-4611


Town Meetings are held at Town Hall unless otherwise noted and generally held the first Monday of every month at 7PM unless it is a National Holiday, then it is the following Tuesday. 


 - One must reside in the electoral district (municipality)

 - One must be able to vote for the office in question (must be a registered voter of the municipality)

 - One must be at least 21 years of age

  Mayor: Clif Williams

  Commissioners: Omar Bahhur, Coley Jordan, Jeff Peed, Tina Taylor

  Town Clerk/Finance Officer: Judith Lannon

  Public Works Director: James Ham

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